Kärpäsansa 2x15w

67,23  sis. ALV 24%

  • Electric, for use in home, stable and all enclosed spaces! Cost-effective, economical and environmentally friendly. Optimum protection against mosquitoes and flies. The ultraviolet light attracts insects to the device’s sphere of action. On contact with the high-voltage grille covering the fluorescent tube insects are quickly and hygienically killed. To empty the collecting tray simply pull out of the housing. Particularly suitable for: agriculture, hotels, restaurants, butcher’s shops, bakeries, supermarkets, offices, all food shops and private use.


2 x 15 watt lamps UV
Range approx. 100 m²
Voltage: 230 V
Grille voltage: 2500 V
Dimensions: 510 x 105 x 315 mm
Housing: aluminium


Paino 2,9 kg (kilogramma)