197,10  sis. ALV 24%


– Ø 125 mm
– An economic and professional tool for hoof care
– Can be used to work on both the hoof sole and the gap between claws with the Permanent6 thanks to the novel geometry and arrangement of the cutting blocks
– Thus the Permanent6 has the significant advantage that no other tool for hoof care is necessary

  • Version: – Ø 125 mm
    – an economical and professional hoof care tool
    – the new geometry and arrangement of the blade sets mean that the sole of the hoof and the gap in the hoof can be treated using the Permanent6
    – an advantage of the Permanent6 is that no other hoof care tools are needed
    – inclined contact surface: perfect handling and highly ergonomic
    – hard metal blade made of fine-grain alloy with improved durability makes treatment of up to 1500 pairs of hooves possible (condition: no embedded stones)
    – blade geometry: optimised blade position ensures clean cut
    – advantage: up to 40% quicker material removal than with conventional grinding discs
    – cutting height 1,8 mm
    – complete base disc: increased smoothness and reduced vibration increase the service life of the disc